Staircases & tables


We have been hand building custom staircases for twenty-five years and provide and on-site measure and fit while providing  a free quotation. Our stair maker's attention to detail is precise, with the selection of the perfect balustrade, timber, polish and design to ensure the final product is a work of art. After sales service is readily available to ensure your staircase is optimally maintained.

Custom Staircases: Architectural, modern, traditional, external (commercial, residential, costal), renovations and repairs

Balustrades: timber, stainless steel, and glass

Timber: Hardwood, MDF, Maple, Tasmanian Oak and many other timber selections 

Tables & Boardroom Tables

The shapes and sizes are built to optimise the residential, corporate or commercial interiors. Depending on specific requirements tables can be designed as a masterpiece or for more of a functional purpose. Corporate ICT needs are seamlessly incorporated in the table design, with wiring built into the legs making power outlets easily accessible while unobtrusively incorporated in the table. Once the design has been finalised our cabinetmakers will remain on site until your completely happy with the design and installation.


KevinRyan Designer & Manufacture 



We design kitchens and cabinetry for residential and commercial (corporate office, multiples, units and shop fits) projects. We create French, contemporary, country, galley, European and costal styles. 


Our custom craftsmanship ensures kitchens are manufactured to the highest standards. Each aspect of the design is crafted by skilled cabinetmakers who understand the importance of functional, durable and timeless cabinetry. Our kitchens maximise the use of space, technology and quality materials such as stone and wood, ensuring that your kitchen is the entertaining space that your house has been longing for.


Bathrooms & units


We design bathroom, laundry and cabinetry for residential and commercial. The designs incorporate bathroom and laundry space efficiently, optimising storage while ensuring there is enough room for human movement/work flow in the area. Marshall Kitchens cabinetmakers will ensure that your home utilises space smarter and to the fullest extent. Through this your residential or commercial property will become less cluttered creating and environment that is functional and enjoyable.


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